What is it? Answers CXXXI

Thursday, August 24, 2006

750. Triple Lever screwdriver, either one or both handles can be lowered to get more torque.

751. This is probably an asphalt patching hoe

752. Roman numeral from the face of a clock, I thought it was a mistake the first time I saw this, but have since learned that it's traditional for clockmakers to use IIII instead of IV.

753. "Crown Printer, Eastman Kodak Co.", photo contact printer:

This item was being sold "reverse auction" style, meaning the price was being decreased 10% every week until it finally sold. It was currently down to $68.

and front doors open:

754. Didn't know what this was when I bought it, turns out it's a Champagne bottle opener, for corks or plastic stoppers. I'm guessing the pinchers are for removing the foil and wires.

755. Chicago Pneumatic Heavy Duty Zip Gun Hammer, or air chisel

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